Nao Robot Activist


The Scope of Nao Robot


Nao robot is to deliver a speech in Bahasa Melayu about the child rights during the child rights convention. After delivering the speech the robot would ask the audience questions about child rights and would finish the session with a performance.

In the field demonstration, the NAO robot was able to communicate with the assembled audience and it gave an introduction about itself and Suhakam. After introduction and history about Suhakam the robot initiated a Q&A session with the audience quizzing them about what it just delivered. The robot gave three choices and if the wrong choice was given it would ask the audience to try again, otherwise on correct answer it would congratulate them. After the Q&A session the robot initiated a game with the audience which resembled to the popular game “Simon Says”.

The following video was shot during initial development stage (phase 1).