About The Project

Suhakam – Going Digital with Monash project. Under this project, there will be three sub-projects which are developed as part of the final year project for students of Master of Business Information System and the students from Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS). The three sub- projects are;

1. NAO Robot Activist

2. Animated Video

3. Mobile Game App

These projects are intended to be used by Suhakam to provide digital platform to create awareness and deliver messages about human rights to school children in a fun and interactive ways. The NAO robot will be presented in an event organized by Suhakam to interact with school children and promote human rights messages in a fun and engaging environment.

The comic book “ATHAM” is intended for school children, will be used to create short animated movies for each story in the book. These cartoon movies provide the messages in the comic book in a more appealing way for children.

The digitization of activity book “Fair and Square” provides Suhakam with possibility to introduce various platforms such as mobiles and tablets in which children can interactively play games and understand the messages about human rights in a more fun and engaging environment.